Founder & Executive Director

Christina Hoffman

Christina has been working with 'special needs' children in Liberia for 12 years now, through the support from her husband, children and a community of family, friends, strangers, groups and churches.  She says she is

"truly humbled and blessed" to be such a small part of these beautiful little lives in Liberia, and 

knows none of this would have been possible without our heavenly Father's guidance, prompting and vision!


Christina believes she has been incredibly blessed in her life to live in a country with such an abundance of resources! Yet, in this small world of ours, not far from our front door, are desperate circumstances with little access or resources.


In Liberia, the lack of resources and the negative stigma placed on these children, leave families feeling they have little or no hope. So many of these children risk being abandoned.


With that desire in her heart, she started training foster moms to take in abandoned children and those with special needs. It was after working with these children and building a trusted relationship with the government, that she was blessed with the His Safe Haven vision of building a village with care and outreach programs. Many are looking to make a difference in our world! If you are, please join us!

"My quiet and simple life was changed forever! I made the choice to be a voice for these children and their families!"

"I feel we all have the desire to help others when we see a need."

Our Director in Liberia

Don Riley and Family

Living and Serving in Liberia through our partnering organization, Hope For Home



(Pictured on the left)

Our Liberian Missionary Physician Assistant and His Safe Haven Village Director.


(Pictured on right)

Missionary from New Zealand, Living and serving through our partnering organization,

Hope For Home

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Val, (pictured on left),

Is the Treasurer and part of the Sponsorship Team!

It takes a large team of MANY dedicated hearts to care for the children in our village, and to consistently  operate the ministries and work  in Liberia.

Staffing inside the His Safe Haven Village include...

  • 2 Physician's Assistants

  • 7 Foster Mother's and 2 Sub Mother's

  • Chef and Cook Team

  • Security and Maintenance

  • Office Assistants, Care Assistants and Foster Brother's and Sister's

Stevie (pictured to the right),

is part of our Child Sponsorship Team, and keeps the Facebook Page updated!


And...many many more individuals behind the scenes that make up the rest of our His Safe Haven Team and Board!