√ Teach-a-Trade

√ Building a school swing set

√ Donating and delivering school supplies

√ Donating and delivering Medical supplies

√ Donating and delivering Therapy supplies

√ Sewing and supplying hospitals with infant baby warmers for preemie babies

Would you like to learn more about what you can do to contribute to these out reach projects? Do you like to sew? Do you have a special talent and want to share your skills with His Safe Haven? Click here to learn more about what you can do to change lives.


What we do

    & Vision building...

     His Safe Haven partners with communities, individuals and churches to come alongside families, offering support through education, training and encouragement as they care for their child. When necessary, we will help secure a trained and loving family in our village, to provide foster care for an abandoned child with special needs.

      In The His Safe Haven Village, we have 8 individual family homes, each with a trained foster mom.  Our foster families care for a total of  28 children in Liberia.  We are providing loving homes, and meeting the needs of these very special children. Sponsorships help  provide our foster families with necessary medical care, balanced meals prepared by our Cook Team,  foster mom salary, and therapy. Through donations, all of the children are supplied with clothes, cloth diapers, vitamins, toys, etc.  Not only are our children loved and cared for well, but everyone in the village has regular Bible study and Bible teaching through classes, pictures and music.  Truly making a very real difference in the lives of these children and families.

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Foster Care

    Hope of Haven Child Sponsorship will purchase and provide food (rice, cereal, milk, formula, protein), medicine and medical checks on a monthly basis, as well as teaching appropriate care and therapy to their child.

    We are coming alongside struggling families and offering resources to help build up these families through training and support.  Our goal is to keep family units together, avoiding abandonment of their special needs child.

Hope of Haven Care


Community Outreach


      Our goal is to utilize  partnerships, providing opportunities for these children to reach their greatest potential. We believe local communities will be encouraged as they watch these children blossom and grow, blessing many lives and changing negative perceptions placed on these beautiful children.



If you have the desire, time, talent or gift that you want to contribute, contact us!  We would love to have you become part of our team and partner with us!

We look forward to hearing from you!

The His Safe Haven Community Village Contains... 

  * Ministry Center (Dining Area, Therapy Room,       Medical Clinic and Office 

  *  Family Homes and Village Director Home

  * Kitchen and Storage

  * Agriculture and Garde

The vision for His Safe Haven is to provide Christ centered hope, care and love to children with special needs and their  families, through training, programs and encouragement, while educating churches and communities on how to come alongside these families.

Community Vision